Hugo Calderon

Hugo Calderon

Hospital Clinic de Barcelona

For the past 9 years my interest has been centred around cellular immune responses to viruses and the development of advanced immunotherapies to treat cancer and viruses.

Early on my carrier, at IDIBELL (Barcelona) I studied the role of the erythrocytes on the bioavailability of intravenous-delivered oncolytic adenoviruses.

I then entered an Initial Training Network program (7th Framework Project) for the investigation of Adenovirus as novel clinical treatments (ADVance).

Funded by a Marie Curie grant, I completed my PhD characterizing the interaction of oncolytic viruses with the tumour immune microenvironment and the effect on cellular immune response, under the supervision of Prof. LW Seymour (University of Oxford) and PsiOxus Therapeutics (United Kingdom).

In 2018, as a PostDoc, I joined the group of Dr. Urbano at IDIBAPS (Barcelona) and with the supervision of Dr. Guedan we designed next generation CAR-T cell strategies for solid tumour applications, until the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic struck.

That was when I joined Dr. Juan’s lab at HCB-IDIBAPS (Barcelona) and the ACT4COVID consortium.

Leading a small team, we have developed an assay to rapidly detect cellular immunological response against the SARS-CoV-2 virus (under patent application) and are currently developing advanced CAR-T cell therapies to treat viral infections.

Up to this date, I have an H-index of 6 and hold 10 publications in the field of immunoncolytic adenoviruses and CAR-T cells with a total of 248 citations (per Web of Science, ResearcherID: AAB-2006-2019).