Anna Codina

Anna Codina

Director, Pharmaceutical Business Unit, Bruker BioSpin, Bruker UK Limited


Anna Codina has a degree in Chemistry and a PhD in Protein NMR from the University of Barcelona, Spain.

During this time, she did several industrial placements at pharmaceutical industries, Pharmhispania, Spain and Genentech, SF, US, where he studied protein-antibody interactions.

She then moved to Cambridge, UK, to do a post-doc in structural biology at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, the same lab where Watson & Crick discovered the structure of the double helix of DNA.

After her post-doc Anna worked in the Analytical R&D department of Pfizer, UK, for 8 years, becoming proficient in low level impurity structure elucidation, reaction monitoring, qNMR and the preparation of regulatory documentation.

She joined Bruker in 2011 and since then she had several roles: Material Characterisation Laboratory Manager, Head of Applications of the Applied and Industrial division and Product Portfolio Manager.

Anna and the pharma team launched several products since 2015: InsightMR, InsightXpress and InsighCell for process understanding and monitoring, Fragment Based Screening analysis tools, PotencyMR for potency determination of drugs by qNMR, NMR Instrument Qualification packages to facilitate compliance, the minispec FormCheck for the quantification of polymorphs and amorphous form and very recently Biologics HOS for the quality assessment of biologics at atomic level.

Anna is currently the director of the pharmaceutical business Unit of Bruker BioSpin.