Hugo Mouquet

Hugo Mouquet

Head of the Humoral Immunology Lab, Institute Pasteur, Paris, France


Dr. Mouquet earned a MS in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and a PhD in Immunology from the University of Rouen (Normandy, France).

He performed his post-doctoral trainee in the laboratory of Michel C. Nussenzweig at the Rockefeller University (2007-2013), where he studied B-cell antibody response to HIV-1, isolated and characterized HIV-1 bNAbs.

In 2013, Hugo started his group as a young investigator in the immunology department of the Institut Pasteur, supported by an ERC starting grant award. He currently heads the laboratory of Humoral Immunology at the Institut Pasteur.

His lab investigates the humoral responses to pathogens in humans with a focus on HIV-1, Hepatitis viruses and emerging infections, and a dual interest in basic and translational research.