Lisa Purcell

Lisa Purcell

PhD, Clinical Sciences, Respiratory & Inflammation and Scientific Director, Secondary Education Programs, REGENERON


Lisa Purcell joined Regeneron in 2008 and is a Senior Staff Scientist in Infectious Disease and Scientific Director.

She received her PhD from McGill University and completed her Postdoctoral Training at Columbia University.

Dr. Purcell, along with her team, develops therapies for pathogens using Regeneron’s novel technologies to translate ‘science to medicine.’

Dr. Purcell is actively involved in Regeneron’s science education efforts including the Regeneron Science Talent Search, research mentorship efforts, the International and Westchester Science and Engineering Fair and STEM teacher programs.

She also develops the science curriculum for the High School Research Mentorship and STEM Teacher Fellowship and has mentored many students from all of Regeneron’s science education programs.