Livia Visai

Livia Visai

Associate Professor in Biochemistry at the Department of Molecular Medicine (DMM), Faculty of Medicine, University of Pavia, Pavia, Italy; Referent of the Academic Strategic project of University of Pavia titled “Center for Health Technologies” (CHT), Coordinator of the Nanomedicine Pillar, Pavia; Operating as Associate Professor within the National Health Service of the Scientific Clinical Institutes (ICS) Maugeri, Società Benefit Spa, IRCCS, Pavia; Associate position, ISTEC-CNR, Faenza, Italy; Type A Researcher at INSTM, Firenze, Italy.

The main field of research interests is Nanomedicine applied in bacterial infection reduction, in cancer treatment & in tissue regeneration.

The laboratory is interested in studying the effect exerted by nanomedicine in the reduction of bacterial infection, in the diagnosis and therapy of cancer, in tissue regeneration and in bone remodeling (in particular on SPACE).

She has more than 185 peer review published articles in PubMed.